Colleges and Universities:

Marshall University

I visited Marshall in September 2008

and learned about their integrated

supports for students with ASD.

They have an ASD-specific

program with best practice supports.

The campus is in the close-knit community of Huntington, West Virginia. The clinical staff were knowledgeable and friendly. There is a limited number of slots available for students with ASD who are admitted to the University. Students with ASD who are admitted into this program receive individual and group supports that are provided with a reasonable fee in addition to the University costs.The director of the Autism program gave Aspiring Aspies, L.L.C. permission to link to their blog.

College Living Experience or CLE

This is a post-secondary program for college-aged students with varying abilities who require extra support to fully succeed in reaching their post-secondary goals.  Some of the students enrolled in CLE have learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders or Asperger's syndrome, while others have social and emotional maturation issues.  CLE students are enrolled in vocational, technical, community college and university programs at six locations: Austin, Texas; Chicago; Denver; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Monterey, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.

The CLE provides intensive support services in academics, independent living skills, and social skills. Academic assistance includes helping students choose their classes, ensuring that students receive necessary accommodations, intensive one-on-one tutoring with content experts, and staff supervised study halls. Within the realm of independent living, CLE students are taught how to pay their own bills, live within a budget, manage their own checking accounts, keep their apartments clean and organized, and plan /prepare meals. Our extensive social skills program encourages students to make healthy choices, and provides the skills necessary to make and keep friends. They support student involvement in social interaction with fellow CLE students, with their colleagues on campus, and with people in the greater community.

Louisburg College is a junior liberal arts college with a current student/faculty ratio of 13:1.

Check out their specialized learning support program called

Learning Partners!

Triangle Community Agencies that offer support:

3 Irish Jewels Farm Assisted Living & Track Out Services

for people with Autism in the Triangle*in development*


Jemma Grindstaff, Ph.D.

Triangle Learning Center, PLLC

Research Opportunities:

Brain Imaging & other ASD Research Studies

UNC-Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine

Check back often--more resources to come soon!


Aspie Travel is a unique travel agency committed to supporting travelers on the spectrum with the challenges of taking trips away from home. As ASD parents, they certainly know first hand how to plan and execute a successful trip. Please view their web site for more information!

“Knit and Purls by Kim” is a place to commission individualized knitted gifts by a lady with ASD. She started out with this hobby during college and now will fulfill private orders. She uses fine yarn to make baby blankets, scarves and dish clothes. Email Kim to order:  Please tell her you heard about it from me!