Rates & Policies

*Note: New Rates effective July 1, 2014 for new contracts. Existing clients’ fees are never raised if contracts are renewed.

Consultation fee (Includes initial contact, application process, review of records and a face-to-face meeting to determine needs. Strategies and resources will be provided.  Decisions about a student’s candidacy for coaching and Laurie’s availability will be discussed.)

$100/hour  *        

Individual and family sessions inside 25 mile distance

$85.00 per hour*

Individual and family sessions outside 25 mile distance                     

$90.00 per hour*

Professional Coaching

$100/hour with credit card on reserve

Cancellation with less than 24 hour notice                                                                         

$40.00 charge*

Cancellation after coach has traveled to site for session

Hourly rate of session

Contract “Pause” to secure session slot if service interrupted (summer, illness, or other reason)

$40.00 per hour*

Consultation with other professionals, recommendation letters, etc

$85.00/hour during a contractual agreement timeframe*

$100.00/hour non contractual fee*

Phone Contact and emailing with families


Weekly phone call/check-in to student                                

$40.00 per hour