Individual Support:

Specialized teaching to the student including the following topics

•Understanding Autism Spectrum


•Independent life skills

•Social strategies

•Self Advocacy


Family Support:

Support to the student and family regarding the following issues

•School selection

•Application process


•Home goals (for student living at home)


•      Referral to resources

Appropriate Referrals:

Aspiring Aspies has had most success with students who have the following attributes:

1. Student is aware of their abilities and weaknesses

2. Student is willing to accept help and participate in sessions, including homework

3. There are no overwhelming psychiatric issues that impede daily functioning

4. The student has a plan to attend higher education and is motivated to work toward this.

5. Parents & support are available in the area.

  1. 6.For college-aged clients, they should be connected to the disability services office and have a good standing with class attendance and grade point average.

  2. 7.The student has not dropped out of higher education and is not an older “stuck” individual trying to become readmitted to a college program.

Professional Peer Coaching:

Consultation and support for professionals who are interested in starting

their own coaching business.


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