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Laurie Nederveen

2432 Bailey’s Landing Drive

Raleigh, NC  27606

Phone Number Limited to Clients

Night & Weekend Contact by Appointment Only

*Note: Holidays Observed:

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s Day

For more information, send inquiries to Laurie Nederveen with “Aspiring Aspies interest” in the subject line

*Special Note*


specializes in individual, high quality

services. There is a limit to the amount of clients supported at one time. For this reason, a slot cannot be guaranteed when an email interest or referral is made but Laurie will respond to each request in the order received.

Referral Process:

Due to caseload, Aspiring Aspies, L.L.C. does not retain a traditional waiting list. Many referrals benefit from a face to face consultation time to determine whether the client is appropriate and interested in the services provided (See list on Menu of Services tab). It is best if the information on this web-site has been reviewed prior to the referral request.

Laurie can schedule a meeting time with families and the student to determine the needs and unique situation. Many consultations have resulted in an effective exchange of information that can jumpstart situations that seem to be at a dead end. If a student is not ready for coaching, Laurie will recommend a variety of home and community strategies/resources that may help until the student is prepared.

The families are contacted periodically after consultation to see how they are progressing. As eligible slots are available, they will be notified.