Aspiring Aspies, L.L.C.

Campus and Life Coaching for Students with Autism Spectrum

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Learning Begins When Class ENDS!


The first and only service of its kind in this area! Aspiring Aspies, L.L.C. was born due to a severe need for students with ASD to prepare for higher education and life demands. This is a high quality, individualized coaching service. Laurie is the founder and sole employee-there is no fancy office and no plans to expand staff. When she takes on a student, she may work with them in weekly sessions for years and support the family much like a case manager. The individual attention and close relationship is what makes this service different than other mentors, tutors, and consultants.  There is a flat fee which includes all preparation, travel, and follow up to the weekly session. Parents or responsible parties are billed at the end of the month and can cancel or renew their contract at any time.

A private coaching and consultation service delivered specifically to meet the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are in a higher education setting. Laurie Nederveen’s career spans over 20 years working specifically with the adolescent/adult life learners with ASD. Her experience with this group has taught her that students in this setting often require life coaching and supports on campus that are not necessarily offered through school services.

Aspiring Aspies, L.L.C. understands that each family and student may access higher education differently. Laurie Nederveen will work with students preparing for the transition and those who are already enrolled regardless of whether a student attends a community college, trade school, college, or university setting in the public or private sector.


Support on campus, the community, or in the home is available. Currently serving Raleigh and Cary. Other geographical areas served via consultation.