Why Did I Choose to Launch this Service?

I can’t take the credit for the idea. My colleague and parent friend, Ann Palmer, planted this seed. I had worked with her son, Eric, when I was a therapist at TEACCH while he was pursuing his degree at NC State. Ann published a wonderful book on the subject and she and I conducted workshops on this topic over the past few years.

Ann understands the reality of higher education and the emphasis these institutions have on self-advocacy, independence, and proactive behavior. These are difficult skills for students with ASD to learn and use. Sometimes, a professional is needed to help guide the student as they continue to learn and grow in this new environment!

I thought about my rewarding experience with her son and many other college students who needed a little more help than what was mandatory from the higher education setting. I realized that I could both offer a specialized service that does not exist in this area and be fulfilled professionally!

About Aspiring Aspies, L.L.C.

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Co-leader of Chapel Hill TEACCH  Adult Support Group  2005-2009

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Training Specialist                          Autism Society of N.C.           2005-2008 


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Autism Society of America Conference

July, 2009 (St. Charles, Illinois)

NCDCDT Spring Transition Conference May, 2009 (Raleigh, N.C. )

Reining in a Dream, May 2006 (Lancaster, MA)

Best Practices Conference, March 2006 & 2007(Greensboro, NC)

Autism Society of NC Annual Conference, March 2006

(Chapel Hill, NC)

Herbert Birch Services Conference, “Addressing Issues in Autism” April, 2005 (New York, NY)

Wake County Autism Society Conference, February 2004 (Raleigh, NC)  

NC AHEAD Conference, April 2004 (Charlotte, NC)


Preparing students with ASD for Higher Education (2007, 2008, & 2009)

Vocational Rehabilitation statewide conference on ASD (2007)

Adolescence and Autism

(Spring  & Fall 2002- 2005

December, 2008)

High Functioning Autism Parent Workshop (Spring 2004 & 2005)

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Working on MBA


B.A. degree in Psychology

St. Andrews Presbyterian College

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Resident Assistant

Positive Parenting Solutions (2009)

May Conference attendee (1999-2007)

Autism Society of America Conference attendee (2006-2007)

Training Internship sponsored by

Autism Society & TEACCH      1998

Oh, and there is another good reason I developed this campus consultation service. My family member, seen above, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 40. People could not understand why he seemed so bright but could not complete college, keep a job, or maintain an independent living status.

Without an accurate description of his developmental needs, people assumed he was unmotivated, lazy, or on drugs. None of those theories were true-he was just misunderstood.

I wonder what positive experiences he could have had if he had been identified earlier and supported during his college years.